We Fight poverty, diseases, early marriages, unemployment, and illiteracy among Vulnerable women,
girls and out-of-school youth.

What we Do


In its fight against poverty, FEMDEV organises skill acquisition trainings for both men, women and youth in areas such as tie & die, beads making, fish farming and poultry farming.


We train women on preventive medicine including how to run prevention programs against HIV as well as voluntary counseling and testing (VCT).We also do sensitizations on issues related to women and the girl-child as well as free mobile clinics in villages and poor communities.


We train women and girls in computer skills acquisition, literacy and other types of capacity building such as life skill education. We have organized over 60 developmental training workshops so far.

We currently work in Cote d’Ivoire however our long term goal is for FEMDEV to be implanted in other African countries where vulnerable women and girls need our help.

Our Purpose

To create equal life opportunities for all women and youth through service to humanity.

Our Mission

FEMDEV empowers women and girls to get involved in their own and their community’s development.

Our Vision

FEMDEV exists to strengthen the economic and social capacities of women and girls to transform them into drivers of sustainable development.

Our theory Of Change

FEMDEV believes that sustainable change can only happen when it is driven by the individual and the community that receives sensitization & education, capacity building and change of mentality. Once the individual or community recognizes their need for change by themselves and agrees to get involved from the change project conception stage to the evaluation stage, the project will succeed and will have indelible impact on the population. This will lead to sustainability in the community. All the empowered people must be encouraged to give back to the community what they have received through the project.

About Founder

This Nigerian born author, publisher, university lecturer and development agent has been involved in capacity building and reduction of poverty, hunger, unemployment and diseases among women and youth for many years. Naturally, some men invited themselves and joined what she is doing. Stella Okoronkwo has two Master’s degrees from Wheaton Graduate school, Illinois, USA and Malmo University, Sweden respectively after studying modern European languages at Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. She has visited more than 20 countries and has learned a lot from her interactions with various people of various races. Issues concerning vulnerable women and girls have been her burden over the years and she has managed to assist a lot of these people who have been empowered and transformed. Many have gotten jobs or income generating activities and rebuilt their lives.

Stella Okoronkwo has over 15 books to her credit both in English and French. Stella has become a resource person in international communication, management, publishing and sustainable development. She has used her training and experience in leadership to impact and mentor groups and individuals in several countries through the social media. Stella and her family reside in Cote d’Ivoire from where she and her husband, Gilbert continue to reach out to people in several countries through electronic, print media, social media and development programs. She has three children and one grandchild. One of her books titled Chika Goes to School is about encouraging the girl-child in her education while another book titles “How to manage your sexuality” is focused on life skill education.

Our Growth Plan


More awareness creation about FEMDEV through the social media.


Sensitize women to register FEMDEV in other African countries.


Collaborate more with the government and other established partners in other countries.


Build a training centre in the headquarters in Abidjan.


Strengthen its literacy programs, especially computer literacy and capacity building for girls, youth and women.


Do more sensitization campaigns about early marriages and early pregnancy.

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