Our Success stories

Since its inception in 2006, FEMDEV has transformed the lives of women and youth as well as men, a few of those testimonials are captured here:

FEMDEV created women and youth support groups in villages like Bingerville, Koumassi, Abobo dume, Issia, Guiglo and Aboisso to offer psycho social and economic support to women and youth. Women in Abidjan chapter helped those members in Aboisso chapter to sell their cassava derivative known as garri (cassava flour) to fight against poverty and food insecurity.

FEMDEV gave small grants to more than 10 women to do income generating activities and open their personal accounts in 2007.

In 2009, FEMDEV began partnering with NGOs such as New Life project (NLP) Cote d’Ivoire and later NLP, Canada, FEMAD and Ma Contribution joined in training men and women on the fight against HIV/AIDS given that Cote d’Ivoire used to have the highest HIV prevalence rate of 4.7% in West Africa then.

The organization regularly distributes rice, oil, tomato paste, sardines and condiments as well as clothes and shoes to the less privileged including displaced people, orphans, and widows several times in a year.

FEMDEV assisted more than 15 people in getting gainful employment in different disciplines like project co-ordination, logistics and office management.

Current Femdev Projects

Sensitizing and training volunteers who will be involved in the community work of FEMDEV.

Mobilizing funds for the construction of a community center which will include a training centre, health centre and a bilingual library.

Doing life skill education training and sensitization programs regarding job creation for the youth, campaigns against early marriages and early pregnancy.


Future Projects


To mobilize funds for free mobile clinic.

To train the coordinators of literacy program.

To sensitize women in other countries to register FEMDEV in their own countries and collaborate with other established partners to alleviate poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and diseases especially among women and youth in pursuance of MDG.

To build a training centre in Abidjan as well conduct leadership training in sustainable development for leaders of FEMDEV.

Future Projects


Our Immediate needs


5 computers and 5 printers

1 vehicle (4 x 4 or a van)

10 Sewing machines

Literacy materials

10 bicycles and motor cycles for peer educators

Clothes, shoes, school kits to school children at the beginning of the school year

Food kits for our food bank

A Word from the Founder

Women and youth have always been considered by the world as vulnerable people with very little buying power. Illiteracy rate among women is the highest the world over. The girl child is considered as one belonging to another family and is married off prematurely without substantial investment into her life. There has to be a change.

Ever since I decided to start mobilizing women and youth and start coaching and mentoring them to discover and grow their potentials, I am the happiest woman in the world. Not only did I organize capacity building workshops for them in various fields but I helped to find jobs for quite a number of them with the help of God. I have motivated and boosted their morale so much that many are in leadership positions today. Many are now able to read and write. Others have learnt to use the computer or begin and manage income generating activities. Many have learnt that the wealth they created is not just for their use but that they must share it with the less-privileged. Those who never thought they could be leaders became successful leaders, even traveling outside the country for leadership conferences. There are amazing potentials in women and youth.

This website is about the work we have done since 2006. My desire is that this can be replicated in other countries by other passionate other people. We humans are social beings and are meant to encourage one another. A saying goes like this, “I am, because you are and you are because I am” It simply means that a woman or youth can become someone today because of the knowledge or help received from someone else. Monetary and material contributions will strengthen our initiatives with these women, as well as help and encourage more women and youth to work more effectively. Even further, we hope to convince many parents to stop early marriages among the girls and give them opportunities to develop their God-given potentials. Every child has a right to education. That is why we are able to impact the world today in various capacities. We have to leave something behind as a legacy for the next generation. I am deeply grateful and indebted to my parents, the late Alfred and Pricilla Okoro in South-East Nigeria who sacrificed their whole life’s earnings to send me and my eight siblings to school to the highest point we wanted to. They did it with a lot of joy and happiness though not without challenges. It was a worthy investment hence you can see the fruits in my life today and that of my siblings.

Stella Chika Okoronkwo

When making a donation, kindly specify that your donation is to FEMDEV